Spacetoon Event initiated its business in the Arab region in 2003, as a subsidiary company of GNAM group, headquartered in Dubai. The company aimed to create new concepts for producing entertainment that addresses the children of the Arab world.

Spacetoon Event succeeded in establishing a prestigious position in the Arab Market, and reinforced the presence of its brand, it also contributed effectively in reforming the concept of modern entertainment in a way that suits the Arab world by providing special experiences that equal international standards.

Spacetoon Event is seen as a continuation of Spacetoon channel’s success as the first Arab educational channel that has more than 200 million Arab viewers. Today, Spacetoon has completed the mission by embodying the Arab kids’ dream of going through an unforgettable experience with their favorite cartoon characters.

Spacetoon Event is proud of its strategic partnerships with the biggest international companies, in addition to being the first and only Arab company which has international privileges and exclusive copyrights for a wide collection of international successful cartoon shows.

The great capabilities of Spacetoon Event’s team appear in the execution of many events which were attended by millions of visitors from all over the world. Spacetoon Event activities are distinguished by the theme that was inspired by the enchanting world of Spacetoon and its core values which bring together fun and education.

Spacetoon Event recruited a professional team consisting of experts and specialized people with many years of experience and great knowledge of the market and its requirements. Our team also has high abilities to create and execute creative ideas which suit the clients’ needs and transcend the audience’s expectations.

Spacetoon Event looks forward to expanding its business volume and reinforcing the concepts of entertainment by improving its partnerships and opening up to the pioneering international experiences. The company also aims to boost the number of its implemented events.