Jeddah Season.png

Jeddah Season

Event Name: Jeddah Season

Event Category: Activity corners.

Place: Jeddah, KSA

Spacetoon Event gave the audience in Saudi Arabia the chance to witness 4 edutainment events during Jeddah Season that were suitable for all age groups and all family members.

The activities varied between ones that depended mainly on the intellectual skills of participants like “LEGO”, while others presented challenging adventures like “Discovery Adventure”. Also, the activities of “Pictionary” event tested the abilities of drawing and guessing all at once. As for girls, a journey full of new experiences with “Barbie” was waiting for them.

The activities begun with “LEGO” at Mall of Arabia. Participants enjoyed making high buildings or assembling creative shapes using LEGO blocks.

Adventure lovers enjoyed “Discovery Adventure” event, which took place at Mall of Arabia. This event was the perfect opportunity for the fans of quests and discovery

In Red Sea Mall, “Barbie’s” event brought girls a group of activities encouraged them to achieve their dreams and reinforce their abilities in many fields and careers

“Pictionary” event was held in Al Yasmeen Mall for 7 days. The event targeted children over 8 in addition to adolescents and presented a huge entertainment event that combined learning with joy. “Pictionary”, gathered family members in a vast space where they competed in drawing and guessing.