Riyadh Toy Festival

Event Name: Riyadh Toy Festival.

Event Category: Festival.

Place: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Date: 24-31 October 2019

Riyadh Toy Festival was a notable destination and a landmark event in toy industry across MENA. Being a distinguished target for all family members, it offered various entertaining options including releasing 500 new toys before they were officially launched in the Saudi market, in addition to unveiling 10 new toys for the first time in the world. International and Arab influencers with their notable presence have also contributed in unboxing the new products in addition to meet & greet with their fans.

Dedicated to provide unforgettable experience for the visitors, it contained more than 40 activity corners, more than 10 enjoyable live shows themed by prominent international brands located in an area of 20,000 square meters. These were distributed within five delightful islands recognized for its suitability for children from all age groups and other family members.

These islands contained Heroes’ City, Rainbow Castle, The Play House, The BoardWalk and Extreme Arena.

1.     Heroes’ City: We invited the heroes of the future to join this competitive and lively island. With 12 activity corners intended for boys and inspired by remarkable global brands, the fun was unstoppable. 


2.     Rainbow Castle: dedicated to girls from all ages. This island brought the dream world of the most famous princesses with their fabulous dresses and magical palaces. It was a chance to try out the adorable dolls and go through new experiences from the most wanted brands internationally.


3.     The play House: a specially-designed corner for all the heroes of pre-school stage. Children spent enjoyable time engaging in different types of activities that suited all preferences including challenges and competitions. 


4.     The BoardWalk: adding more fun to the event, we dedicated this entire life-sized island for the family members from all ages. Families played and spent their time together enjoying many competitive challenges. This island also promoted the creative spirit of all the visitors who shared unforgettable moments.

5.     Extreme Arena: this was a special corner designed for the breathtaking sports and technologies and was totally suitable for the lovers of automobile and motorcycle races and other challenging tournaments. 

Adding more fun to the festival, more special decorations and designs filled the place to make it a unique experience for the visitors. Famous leading brands landed in Riyadh Toy Festival displaying many of their well-known products. TY was strongly present with the vivid toys placed on a big tree. Funko with the distinguished big-headed toys, the cute little toys of Sylvanian Families with their house sets and the most astonishing Disney dolls were also present, and finally Intex with its inflatable products.