Spacetoon Village

Event Name: Spacetoon Village

  1.  Event Category: Activity Corners and Live Shows

  1. Place: North Park – Hafar Al Batin

  1. Date: 21-30 March, 2019 (10 days)

Attendance: 52000 visitors during 10 days

The Spaceship of Spacetoon landed in North Park at Saudi Arabia, and characters from 4 Spacetoon planets took place over the village’s land which amounted to an area of 11,000 M2, where Spacetoon Event team succeeded in building a perfect festival and creating an extremely entertaining experience, which included varied activities that meet the expectations of the audience from all over the kingdom. The activities were categorized as follows:


1.    Sport Planet presented several entertaining activities to children, including:

·         BeyBattle: Exciting challenges gathered the lovers of spinning tops in one place. The challenge arcade hosted lots of participants. However, only one winner achieved the title.

·         Inazuma: Children played lots of exciting football matches on the playgrounds of the village, in addition to foosball tables, which created an atmosphere of fun and excitement.

·         Sonic: Sonic has brought children into his world and invited them to try some of his usual activities, like running, jumping, and climbing. This corner attracted many adventures lovers, as it was an opportunity to experience Sonic’s life in detail.

·         Shoot: The extraordinary activities of this corner attracted children to try the joy of hitting targets.


2.    Zumorroda Planet included two special corners that girls really loved:

·         Cocotama: Girls had the perfect chance to paint Cocotama’s wall, hit the target and play with Cocotama mini characters, in addition to a special corner for taking pictures. All these activities presented the best times to girls who enjoyed the company of Cocotama’s lovely characters.

·         Hayati Girl: This corner included several activities, such as a hair salon, a kitchen, a catwalk and a space for creating handmade accessories and crafts. Little girls spent great times and were treated like princesses.

3.    Action Planet: Lovers of action and challenges had the biggest share of the event, resembled in a group of activities and special characters:

·         Hotel Transylvania: Children went through a maze that held the theme of the movie and tried to find their way out. They had a perfect experience that took them to Transylvania city, Dracula’s hometown, and they toured the rooms of Hotel Transylvania.

·         Transformers: Kids have shown their talents in drawing, painting and assembling Transformers characters in a corner filled with challenges and creativity. They also had a PlayStation competition, found the scattered puzzle pieces and put them in place on the magnetic wall.

·         Conan: Children experienced amusement and excitement in Conan’s four secret rooms, they solved mysteries together to find the keys of the rooms to escape them all.

·         Power Rangers: Educational and interactive martial arts shows presented by Power Rangers characters who attracted a lot of children. Also, there were colored Power Rangers masks, in addition to a special IPad corner for fans to enjoy Power Rangers E-games. In short, this corner presented a perfect experience that satisfied the expectations of strong boys!

4.    BonBona Planet presents activity corners from the most popular cartoon characters and live shows of children’s favorite cartoon shows.

·         Bob the Builder: children made many creative shapes and buildings using sponge blocks and magical sand doughs.

·         Doh-Time: Creative children were all gathered to make the items they love from playing doughs, using all the tools they need to turn what they have in mind into a reality. 

·         Fireman Sam: children lived an experience that is inspired by the daily tasks of a fireman, and the station hosted lots of children who wanted to explore the details of this job.

·         Smurfy Festival: Children made lots of simple and safe chemical experiments in the Smurfs laboratory. Additionally, the attendants used their talents in drawing and painting, and also, they got beautiful face paintings.

4- Other activities were also included, like:

·         Interactive theater: After each play, children remained in their places to perform some dance routines with their favorite characters.

·         Flash Mob: People wearing the outfits of the sweet sharks appeared among the audience and sang the songs of Baby Shark, which are very popular among kids.

·         Detective Conan: Detective Conan requested help from children to find an escaping criminal, Conan was on screens asking children to find that criminal and to take a picture of him afterward. Only one child managed to find him, and in return got a valuable gift as an appreciation of his help.

·         Face Painting: Children had the opportunity to look exactly like their favorite characters, and the artists managed to draw the faces of their favorite characters.