Toys Fest

Event Name: Toys Fest

Event Category: Activity Corners and Live Shows

Place: Al Makan Mall – Hafar Al Batin

Date: 21-30 March, 2019

Attendance: 23000 visitors during 10 days


Entertaining activities and exciting games took place over 2500 M2 at Al Makan Mall in Hafar Al Batin – KSA


1.    The Festival presented the following activity corners:

·         Hayati Girl: This corner included several activities, such as a hair salon, a kitchen, a catwalk and a space for creating handmade accessories and crafts. Little girls spent great times and were treated like princesses.

·         BeyBattle: Several challenges gathered the lovers of spinning tops all in one place. The challenge arcade hosted lots of participants, but only one of them achieved the title.

·         Monopoly: A life-size version of the famous board game engaged all family members in its activities. This unique experience in the Arab world attracted the audience and visitors and brought an exciting atmosphere into the place.

·         Hasbro Gaming: A corner for the following life-size Hasbro games: Connect 4, Operation and Battleship. The huge variation of Hasbro games and their broad popularity in the Arab world attracted the visitors and exceeded their expectations.

·         Baby Shark games by Pinkfong: This corner included lovely Baby Shark themed games, like Baby Shark puzzle games where children put together the pictures of the famous Baby Shark characters, and feeding the shark game where children hit the balls so they reach the target and enter the shark’s mouth. Also, the game of sharks hunting using hunting nets, as children competed in collecting the highest number of hunted sharks. In each round, 8 participants headed to the sharks pool, and started hunting until the round was concluded and the child with the highest number of sharks was declared the winner.

·         Shoot games: The extraordinary challenges of Shoot corner attracted children to experience the joy of hitting targets.

·         LEGO: All that a child imagines is applicable, as LEGO building blocks are there at the reach of children to do the job. Everything that the children designed was awesome and beautiful.

·         Candy Land: A world of candies is waiting for the children, visiting a world like this was a dream for every kid and now Spacetoon Event has turned it into a reality. In this corner, children had the chance of drawing and coloring, matching similar photos and taking pictures before Candyland beautiful wall.

·         Doh-Time: A special corner for children to play with Doh-Time special toys. They designed beautiful shapes using the lovely special tools that are highly inspiring.



The festival also included varied activities, like:

·         Face painting: the children got special drawings on their faces, representing their favorite characters.

·         Live shows:

“My Little Pony”: 20-minute show, 3 shows per day.

“Transformers”: 20-minute show, 3 shows per day.

These live shows witnessed high attendance rates during the festival. The children loved the experience and enjoyed every moment, they also took memorable pictures with their favorite characters.