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International Live Shows

1_Non- Ticketed Live Shows

Spacetoon Event offers an opportunity for children to watch their favorite characters live on stage performing short plays in malls and attracting the visiting families, with no need to make a reservation or buy tickets. Spacetoon Event recruits professional performers and totally believes that the theatrical script is one of the main factors of the success of a play. Thus, the company is concerned with all the details of the script and always strives to present a perfect play that generates interaction between characters and the audience.

* Non-ticketed live shows are 20 minutes long.

2_Ticketed Live Shows Spacetoon Event presents the best live shows to its fans. The process starts when Spacetoon Event chooses a famous movie, T.V series or a toy production line, then our creative team writes a theatrical script, develops characters and dialogue and hires talented actors to produce a perfect play that combines fun with education. Such events are usually held in outdoor venues, and a reservation is required for attendance.

* Ticketed live shows are 1 hour long.